• Use only oil free makeup remover.
  • Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours after application.
  • Be careful to avoid rubbing your eyes
  • To extend the life of your lashes please come in for touch-ups every 2-3 weeks
  • Brush lashes daily, we will provide you with a new eyelash brush after treatment
  • Do not pull your eyelashes off as it will pull out your natural eyelashes.


    Please contact Just Perfect Touch to arrange an appointment to have them professionally removed.

  • Do not perm or curl Eyelashes Extensions

Make sure that proper hand and skin disinfection is done prior the treatment.
Master must work with disposable gloves and apron, wearing a cap.
Only single use sterile (CE) needles must be used.

1. Weak after care – the scab will appear and pigment will fall of with the scab
2. Oily skin type/young skin/metabolism/big pores
3. Scars
4. Mechanical or chemical treatment (peels, dermabrasion, mesotherapy, laser)
5. Improper depth
6. Glycol, retinol products or/and treatments
7. Amount of melanin in the skin

The touch up is recommended after 45 days only. Earlier skin will be too thin and too sensitive. Probably you will need a touch up to fill in missing hairs, make hairs longer or just to achieve more intensive color.

If eyebrows will be kept clean and dry only a thin film (not scab) will appear after 4-7 days. It will peel of itself gently (do not touch or scratch it) after 7-10 days. After the film peels of dryness and flakiness can appear. In this case a small amount (almost invisible) of coconut or grape seed oil can be used after disinfection. Pay attention on cleansing eyebrows during all healing period (28-45 days).

In case of water, sebum or sweat contact, the wound will expand and depending on wetness type soft or hard scab will appear. This scab is usually itching and peeled of by scratching together with the pigment. If scratching the scab the scar or white spot can appear and no pigment will be left.

If skin is sensitive, on the next day of treatment, area around the strokes can turn red because the skin was irritated. This will return to normal after few days. Strokes will appear darker in the next few days after treatment.

• Do not contact with water or any other liquids for 7 days after treatment (even a small drop which seems unimportant will expand a wound and scab will appear).
• Disinfect the affected area with small amount (one spray on cotton pad for both brows) of witch hazel or 70% alcohol or any other disinfection liquid 2-4 times a day. If skin is oily make sure eyebrows are clean and dry. Disinfect more times if you feel sweaty or excess of sebum.
• To avoid additional dryness if your skin is dry, for your daily disinfection use salinesolution 2 times a day and witch hazel 1 time per day, instead of alcohol or witch hazel 3 time a day.
• In case of itching, Bactine can be used, which contains lidocaine and benzalkonium chloride. It will also disinfect the area.
• In case of extra dryness, but not earlier as 4th day after treatment, after disinfection routine, use very small amount of coconut or grape seeds oil. Make sure your eyebrows are not greasy, but just moistened a little, so you won’t see any residue of the oil.
• After 7 days you can use gentle neutral soap or non greasy cleanser to keep eyebrows clean.
• Do not use any other ointments, creams with vitamins or antibiotics on eyebrows.
• No workouts 2 days after treatment.
• No sauna, swimming in public pools, lakes or other risky areas at least 2 weeks.
• No sunbathing, solarium or tanning for 4 weeks.
• No tinting, chemical peels, mesotherapy, dermabrasion, botox and any other strong treatments for 4 weeks.
• No cosmetic on affected area for 2 weeks.
• Do not scratch, touch and sleep on your eyebrows.

• Do Not exercise the day of the procedure.
• Do Not tan or come with a sunburned face.
• Do Not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before procedure.
• Do Not consume Alcohol or Caffeine on the day of the procedure.
• Do Not wax or tint eyebrows 3 days prior to the procedure.
• Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.
• Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energizing drinks on the treatment day. If you are used to tint eyebrows, do it one prior the treatment.
• Do not tan or sun bathing 3 days before treatment.
• Do not make any waxing 2-3 days before treatment.
• No chemical peels, dermabrasion, mesotherapy, or any other intense treatments, which will cause faster skin cells rejuvenating and cause skin irritation, 2-3 week before permanent make up treatment.
• Fix/wash your hair before the treatment, as after you can not contact with water for 7 days. So you will need to wash your hair carefully or visit a hairdresser or somebody who will help you.
• Botulinum injection – do your eyebrows microblading first and botox after 4 weeks.

If botox is done already wait at least 2 months.

• During pregnancy or nursing.
• For diabetic clients.
• If any skin diseases symptoms or irritation appears on the particular area (eyebrows, eye line or lips).
• Directly after botox treatment (after 2 months it is allowed) If you are using Accutane, Isotretinoinor other strong retinoids (after 6 months it is allowed).
• If you have a Pacemaker (not allowed for machine technique, but allowed formanual technique).
• If you are very sensitive and pain intolerant.
• If you are suffering a sunburn or frostbitten (treatment allowed after symptomsdisappear).
• On keloids or tendency to keloids, unusual scars, birthmarks, moles.
• Straightaway after waxing.
• After a strong chemical peeling.

Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or IBUprofen 24 hours before treatment

1. Client consultation, discussion about treatment steps, patch test, choosing an eyebrowshape and color.
2. Eyebrow shape is usually done with special soft, waterproof pencil.
3. 20-30min numbing process, using lidocaine cream.
4. Pigment is applied with a manual tool and chosen pigment color or color mix.
5. Pigment is left to absorb.
6. Cleaning the area and applying special healing cream.
7. Treatment usually last up to 2 hours.


Synthetic eyelash extensions can only be applied three months after your natural eyelashes have been permed. They cannot be applied prior to this time.

I cannot be seen in public without my full makeup. Can I wear makeup to my synthetic eyelash extension appointment?

Foundation, eyeshadow and even eyeliner are allowed to be worn when you go to your appointment. But do not be surprised if you return home with a bit of smudged eyeliner on your lower eyelashes.

Before arriving to each appointment, please make sure to be totally mascara free!

  • This will allow all of the service for lashes, instead of cleaning!
  • The cleaner the lashes, the longer they will last as well!
  • The adhesive will not adhere to mascara residue, so they will shed prematurely.
  • Making sure your lashes are completely clean for application will give you the best results possible!

These synthetic eyelash extensions can be removed. There is a specific eyelash glue remover that is applied to each individual lash and the synthetic lash is removed from the natural lash. There is a special pricing for this safe eyelash removal.

Someone else applied eyelashes and now there is a lot of clumped up glue and they do not look natural. Can these lashes be removed and skip adding replacement synthetic lashes?

Those who are untrained can make huge mistakes when applying eyelash extensions. We will happily remove lashes that were applied in another salon without replacing the synthetic lashes. There is a specific charge for eyelash removal.

If you suffer from allergies or hayfever and are prone to rubbing your eyes, you are not a good candidate for synthetic eyelash extensions. People who have sensitive skin all around the eye area when using make up or any sort of skin care may not consider eyelash extensions, although many with sensitive skin find no problems with synthetic eyelash extenders. Those who use eye drops could cause synthetic eyelash extenders to clump up. Very curly eyelashes are not ideal for eyelash extensions as applying glue and the extension is very challenging and the final result will not be the thick, dark lashes that are desired. Consult with your beauty professional if you should have any questions or concerns.

Prevent your eyelashes from getting wet that first 12 hours so that the glue can completely dry
Avoid any sort of saunas or steam rooms for the first 2 full days to allow the glue to cure.
Be delicate with your new eyelashes. Avoid eye rubbing or touching your eyelashes. You are going to naturally be curious about your new lashes, but keep your hands off of your eyelashes and just admire them with your eyes.
Learn to wash and dry your face gently.
Put away your eyelash curler. You now have amazing synthetic eyelash extensions so you should not, not need not curl your new extensions.
To prolong the life of your extensions, avoid using mascara.
Avoid any oil products, petroleum jelly or eye makeup remover.
Avoid an eye infection and keep your eye area clean.
Learn to sleep on your back to protect your new synthetic eyelash extensions.
The key to long lasting synthetic eyelash extensions is to keep your hands off of your eyes except when cleaning the eye area.

  • Longer, thicker, fuller lashes — thick and beautifully curled, these lashes look as real as though you were born with beautiful, long lashes.
  • Look younger — Eyes reveal a great deal about your age. Eyelash extensions make your eyes appear as if they were lifted—making you look years younger!
  • Time saving — Now you have one less thing to do in the morning.
  • They are comfortable and look natural. What’s more, you will look your best and feel confident in a world where eye contact is so important.
  • Rest and rejuvenate. Allow yourself to unwind, relax, self-reflect, meditate, or even take a little nap.
  • Eyelash Extensions open and frame your eyes. Giving the appearance of mascara/eye makeup without you having to go to the effort of applying it
  • They are perfect for everyday wear but can also be used for holidays – Think pool days with that glam lash look and no mascara.

Anyone who has recently had an eye operation may wait until they are better before getting synthetic eyelash extenders. Anyone with an eye infection should wait until their infection is totally cured before embarking on these gorgeous eyelash extensions. In addition, if there is any sort of eye problems avoid eyelash extensions until you are free of these issues.
Although it is quite rare, some clients do not feel comfortable wearing eyelash extensions.

While about 99% of all clients can wear synthetic eye extensions, the key is having enough natural eyelashes. The synthetic eyelash extenders are individually applied to each of these lashes to create a fuller, lush effect.

Only an experienced and trained professional knows how to properly apply the synthetic eyelash extensions. They will know how to apply the glue directly onto the natural lash and do their best to avoid your skin.

Although the glue and your skin do not meet, on rare occasions there may be a negative reaction. As the skin around the eye area is more sensitive, it is best to play it safe.

These eyelash extensions are glued directly onto a natural lash, just 1mm from the skin. During the natural eyelash cycle, the synthetic lash will drop along with the natural lash.

There are coloured lashes in both purple and green that are interspersed with black lashes.
There is a variety of synthetic eyelash extensions in lengths ranging from 7mm – 15mm. There are also various degrees of synthetic eyelash thickness including .20mm .25mm and .30mm thick lashes. When your professional applies the lashes, they will use a careful mixture of lengths and thicknesses for a glamourous and stunning look.

In order to consistently have a full set of luxurious eyelashes, then in-fills are necessary to achieve your desired thick-lash look. Every 2-4 weeks, when your natural eyelashes have fallen out during the whole eyelash cycle, an application of extension lashes are necessary to keep your lashes looking their fullest and thickest best.

Each of your individual natural lashes are expected to fall out within a month, depending on your individual growth cycle.
It is impossible to know where in the cycle each lash is in. Your lashes will fall out naturally. Every day we should expect to loose up to 5 natural lashes. Unless they fall into your eye, you won’t notice the loss. Yet, when you have added synthetic eyelash extensions, you will now notice every loss. Your lashes are now darker, thicker, longer and more lush. And because you have spent time to indulge in this beauty enhancement, you are going to naturally be a bit more sensitive and aware of any lash loss.
Sleeping on your back also helps protect your lashes. Sleeping on your stomach or on your side could mean your face-and eyelashes are flat on the pillow. This will break or damage your beautiful new lashes and the growth cycle will be accelerated. Learn to sleep on your back and protect your luxurious new lashes.

Your new eyelash extensions should last approximately 2-4 weeks as long as you care for them properly. This would include avoiding any sort of oily eye make up remover and not sleeping on your face. Do not believe the false promises of those who claim that they apply permanent eyelash extensions. This procedure is semi-permanent.
The life cycle of a natural lash is just under a month, about 25-28 days. Your synthetic lashes are attached to your natural lashes, so as your lashes go through the entire growth cycle and fall out, your extended lashes will fall out with your natural lashes.
You will know how fast your lashes will grow based on how fast your nails and hair grow. In addition, what you do for work as well as the rest of your daily habits can play a part in how long your lashes will last. Certain industries where you are exposed to the elements or in a work atmosphere where heat or steam can take a toll on your synthetic extended lashes. This is a huge contrast, especially compared to someone who works in a temperature controlled office complex. Do not believe the false promises made by shops that claim that synthetic eyelash extensions will last two, even three months. Only people who lack experience will make these sorts of claims.

In order to keep the shape of your beautiful eyelash extensions, these should not be curled nor permed.

There is no need to ever use that eyelash curler again! Your eyelash extensions hold their curl perfectly. You always have the perfect eyelash shape.

Again, this is why you want a trained professional who knows how to safely use the glue and knows how to properly remove the glue. Untrained technicians are not aware of the proper hygiene and techniques when using synthetic eyelash glue. Inexperienced technicians may not know how to properly use the fast drying glue and the result could be a very unflattering look. The eyelashes could become clumpy. Only a trained person should apply the eyelashes using this special glue.

Although the glue and application process does not come into contact with the delicate eye skin, it is still within 1mm, thus on a very very rare occasion, a reaction could occur. To make sure that this never happens, a patch test is performed before the eyelashes are applied.

No, the synthetic eyelash extensions are adhered directly to the lash, approximately 1mm from the eyelid skin.

Just as there are different beauty personalities, there are many variations of synthetic eyelash extensions. The lengths that are available are 7mm – 15mm. The colors include black, as well as bolder coloured lashes in beautiful shades of green and purple that are used as a sort of highlight along black lashes. These are all in a “C” curl. Customers are thrilled that now there are thicker lashes available. These sensational lashes come in .20mm .25mm and .30mm lash thicknesses.
Your professional synthetic eyelash extension technician will vary the length and thicknesses of the new lashes during the application process. As in natural eyes, the shorter lashes are within the inner eye and the length gradually juts out towards the middle and dramatically on the outer corners. These new lashes looks natural and luscious.

This is your maintenance cycle. If you always want a full set of dark, thick lashes, then In-fills are a must. They are used to fill in your lashes, during the natural lifecycle of your lashes. Every 2-4 weeks, you will go in and have in-fills applied to replace any lashes that have naturally fallen and where new lashes have grown.

A professionally educated eyelash technician should be the only person applying your durable eyelash extensions. This is not where you want to cut corners on looking your beautiful best. Only a knowledgeable and trained technician who is personally taught how to use quality and safe methods of applying eyelashes and who use superior products should be considered.

As your eyelashes are always in a cycle of growth, it is hard to determine which natural eyelash is ready to naturally fall out when synthetic eyelash extensions are applied. You are expected to daily loose 3-5 natural lashes. This has been happening all of your life without any sort of notice-unless an eyelash falls into your eye. Yet, after your new eyelash extensions have been added, you are more conscience of your eyelashes and any eyelash activity.
In addition, you will notice when an eyelash falls out because these are darker and thicker lashes, as the synthetic lashes are glued to your natural lash. In addition, changing a few habits may help prevent your eyelashes from falling out. If you naturally sleep on your stomach, this pressure on your eyelashes could cause more breakage. Avoid this altogether and learn to sleep on your back or on your side. In addition, this is better for your overall facial skin as well.

The eyelash product should be of the highest quality and not a cheap replica purchased from an unknown online vendor.

Your stunning new synthetic eyelash extensions should last approximately 2-4 weeks. The key is to take good care of them and make sure that you clean off eye make up properly. Unlike other false claims, this is a semi-permanent beauty procedure, so any claim of permanent extensions or lashes that last over two months are not valid. The life cycle of your natural lash is just under a month. When your natural lash grows and falls off, so will the synthetic lash that is attached to your natural lash. Your hair and nails can give you an indication how fast your eyelashes may grow.
If they grow quickly then you should assume your natural eyelashes are also growing quickly renewing and shedding. On the other hand, your friend may have slow growing hair and even if the two of you added eyelash extensions the same day, your friend’s synthetic eyelashes may last up to a week longer. In addition, the conditions that you live in can make a difference. If you are an artist working with hot glass, your lashes may not last as long as if you were working in an air conditioned office.

You will not need to ever wear mascara. Your lashes will always be dark, thick and gorgeous and look like you are wearing mascara all of the time. Your days of worrying if your mascara is smudged or running are over. Brides especially love the this part about the synthetic eyelashes. The key is to remove make up with an oil-free product as any sort of oil can affect the special glue that is used to attached the synthetic eyelash extension to the natural eyelash.
So, by adding these synthetic eyelash extension, you can be free of streaking mascara. Just avoid using any sort of eye makeup remover that contains oil.

Yes, you can still wear eye makeup after your beautiful, thick synthetic eyelash extensions are applied, but you will find that you do not need to apply mascara. In addition, you most likely will not need to wear eyeliner either, but may still choose to for more dramatic looks and of course, blending for the smokey eye effect. Your days of worrying if your mascara is smudged or running are over. The key is to remove make up with an oil-free product as any sort of oil can affect the special glue that is used to attached the synthetic eyelash extension to the natural eyelash.

No, your eyelashes will remain. Many clients who have worn these synthetic eyelash extensions over repeated applications have experiences no breakage nor eyelashes falling out. This demonstrates the importance of having a qualified technician, who is properly trained for professional application of the synthetic eyelashes and uses a superior product. Once you begin the cycle of synthetic eyelashes, it becomes important that the methods of application and the quality of the product is key to the health of the natural eyelash. A broken eyelash can take nearly two months to grow back. If your goal is to achieve beautiful, thick eyelashes, have a professional apply them.

No. There is not a video or course to learn how to apply these eyelashes. Only a trained professional can apply these eyelashes with precision for comfort and beauty.

Each synthetic eyelash is attached to each individual natural eyelash with a specialized glue. The new lash looks natural and does not harm the delicate eye skin as it is only 1mm from the eyelid. This means that the eyelash is both comfortable and you cannot even tell that you are wearing synthetic eyelashes. This allows you to continually wear the eyelashes for weeks at a time, without any sort of discomfort.

Eyelash extensions are not just for special occasions or for supermodels. Women who have always wanted to play up their eyes love eyelash extensions. Women who want to look polished and modern wear eyelash extensions. You may have even been grocery shopping after work last week and ran into one of your neighbors who looked especially great.
You could not put your finger on what made her look just a bit brighter and more glamourous. Funny how you never noticed how bright her eyes looked, or how thick her eyelashes were. This is because she, too, is an eyelash client. It does not matter what you do or who you are. We all want to look our very best. Eyelash extensions are an affordable way to freshen up your look.

Before even making an appointment, ask questions. First, ask what the qualifications are of the eyelash extension technician. Next, inquire on the quality and source of the eyelash product. A professionally educated eyelash technician should be the only person applying your durable eyelash extensions. This is not where you want to cut corners on looking your beautiful best. Only a knowledgeable and trained technician who is personally taught how to use quality and safe methods of applying eyelashes and who use superior products should be considered. The eyelash product should be of the highest quality and not a cheap replica purchased from an unknown online vendor. By asking questions first, you will save heartache and expense later.

These natural and luxurious eyelash extensions are the very latest in beauty accessories in Australia, first invented in Korea. These dramatic lashes are not like the typical false eyelashes you remember or even tried that are simply attached with a self-strip. Nor are these voluminous lashes the single-use eyelashes that basically consist of a cluster of lashes knotted together to create the desired long lash line. Instead of the old school eyelash extensions, these semi-permanent, synthetic eyelashes are individually glued onto the natural lash, not onto the delicate skin around the eyes. The lashes stay on for 2-4 weeks, using a specially formulated, long lasting glue. Each exquisite synthetic eyelash is applied directly onto your own natural eyelash to enhance your eyelashes. The final result are long, thick and natural looking lashes that you feel great wearing because they are so light and natural.