Mink eyelash extensions


This is the application of one extension to one natural lash. The Classic set in Mink eyelash extensions a large range of lengths, thickness and curls available. We can create any look you desire with ease. Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain stunning lashes at all times.


Mink eyelash extensions set

30 + lashes per eye

  • Either applied on the ends to create a flare look or scattered through the lid line
  • 30 min


Mink eyelash extensions set

130 + lashes per eye

  • Perfect for those clients who possess a good set of natural lashes that still desire a natural set but with added fullness. (the look of 2-3 coats of mascara)
  • 1 hour, 30 min


Mink eyelash extensions set

90 + lashes per eye

  • These are perfect for a more subtle and natural look. (the look of 1-2 coats of mascara)
  • 1 hour

Benefits of eyelash extentions

Mink eyelash extensions are lash extensions made from sanitized mink fur. These types of extensions look more natural and not as heavy as synthetic eyelash extensions.

Mink eyelashes are well worth getting if you like having larger and more noticeably defined looking eyes. It’s also convenient for ladies who need to hurry to get ready in the morning. When you have mink lashes you don’t need to apply much eye makeup in the morning, because the lashes make the eyes look well defined on their own.

Caring for your new lash extensions involves not using mascara or curling your eyelashes. For the first twenty-four hours after getting eyelash extensions avoid going in water with them. You should attempt not to rub, sleep or shower when you have eyelash extensions.
The extensions fall out naturally because they are glued directly to each eyelash. They fall out as the eyelashes naturally drop off. Eyelash extensions last for about three weeks, although they completely fall out in four to six weeks. Most people prefer to get them touched up every three weeks so it will look the best it can appear.
Actually, eyelash extensions are very good when traveling or for a wedding. Using eyelash extensions will mean you won’t suffer from messy mascara smudges when you are traveling or when you may be crying at or in a wedding.
The qualifications you need to look for out of an eyelash technician are someone who are professionals. Ask if they are licensed and certified in lash applications. Read reviews of potential places you are looking at getting lash extensions from. If there are any negative reviews avoid that location.
On average it costs from one hundred and fifty dollars to four hundred dollars for a full set of eyelash extensions. For a half set it typically costs sixty-five dollars to one hundred dollars. The official cost of eyelash extensions is determined by what salon you go to. It costs about forty dollars to eighty-five dollars for touch-ups every three or four weeks.


Very happy and would definitely recommend. My lashes were in desperate need of repair from a previous so called ” lash expert “. Jelena was so professional kind and very patient with fixing my eyelashes. I’m really happy with the end result and will definitely be recommending Jelena.
Simone Calderone
I never write reviews but I feel like it’s necessary here!!! Tonight I had my first proper eyelash extension experience and Jelena was amazing! Instantly very calming, warm, welcoming and relaxing and I was so comfortable the entire time. Have already booked my next appointment and definitely recommend to

anyone interested in lash extensions :))))

Kiah Wiseman
Best eyelashes ever! Jelena is an absolute perfectionist! Everything is so spotless, warm and inviting. Felt very comfortable and at ease. Jelena is very professional and friendly. Highly recommended!
Kimberley Bodinar
I have been a regular customer of Jelena’s for over a year now, and have only lovely things to say. From the quality of the eyelash extensions to the performance of her application and the set up of her beauty station. Jelena’s Beauty is a remarkable experience as she sets the atmosphere for relaxation

and indulging with every attention she gives your eyelashes!

Nadine Antunovic
I have put off having eyelash extensions for a very long time due to a bad experience I had in the past. It is great that Jelena was recommended by a friend. I had such an amazing experience with her service and the result is just outstanding! I will definitely go back and recommend her to everyone!
Jhen Agustin
Had an amazing experience at Jelena’s beauty! It was my first time getting lash extensions. She made it comfortable, welcoming and warm environment! I felt my self dosing off during my session I was so relaxed. My lashes are PERFECT so so so so incredibly happy with them! 110% recommend getting

your extensions done with Jelena! I will most certainly be back!

Dannielle Luskie
Always does an amazing job. Jelena listens to what you want and adjusts her technique to suit your preferred look. A real perfectionist, which is exactly what you want in an eyelash technician.
Melissa Dever
I was referred to Jelena after my usual place closed down. She is so friendly and did a fantastic job, I love the way they look. It was a very relaxing experience and the extra tips about aftercare were very much appreciated.
Jo Keo

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